Monday, 16 December 2019

Friends and fresh air in Finland

A mini holiday in Finland around the first Advent weekend was refreshing and nostalgic. I met first some old student friends in Helsinki and after that stayed for two days in Tammisaari visiting a good friend of mine. Helsinki is such a wonderful city and I miss being there. Luckily we I could stay one night by my other friend and also see my sister for a coffee. 

Time was flying and I mostly forgot to take any pictures. The days are also short and it's getting dark too early. One afternoon we walked a little bit around Tammisaari centre and there was a beautiful winter light and white snow covering the dark tones of earth. It was enough cold for a very thin ice layer on top of the sea water. The moving ice made fabulous noise. I had forgotten this sort of sound existed. As a child winter was my favorite season. I loved to build snow castles and the snow was the most interesting material to play with.

The goal of my trip was to reconnect with some of my friends. I only had three days time and I saw many nice, friendly faces and heard some stories about the time that had passed. Evidently the time had passed yes, but it was so great to see the same light of the different personalities sparkling there and the humor filling the space with a laugh and witty remarks. I sometimes miss a lot my own language and how effortless it is to be fluent, fast and playful in your mother tongue.

I was lucky to see some sun and snow. It had been grey and rainy before my arrival and after my visit the temperature got higher again with some wet weather. 

It was like opening a door to a different world when I came back to Holland. Still the same autumn-like mood and some golden glitter on the yellow leaves.

Evenings are so dark without snow...and with the snow as well :-). 

 I have some christmas lights and flowers at home to color these black velvet days. 

One sunny day in Amsterdamse Bos in December

Have a peaceful Christmas time :)