Thursday, 29 October 2015

Follow the orange!

I was following my instinct today and went to see the late autumn blossom at Museumplein (museum square). I don't like when it's too busy and touristic there, but the crowd usually stays near the huge Amsterdam letters and take photos there. I went to more quiet place just around the Rijksmuseum: the garden of the museum. It is a nice  big area with a lot of surprising elements. You can make the whole round and see the museum from every ankle.

Lisää kuvateksti

This couple will be dancing here in every weather. The sculpture is a copy from a work by Adriaen de Vries.

There is art everywhere in this garden. Joan Miro has made this huge  work and it's for the first time ever exhibited here. He got the inspiration for this "Lunar bird" from prehistorian or pre-Columbian art.

Everyone wants to jump in this shower. The trick is that the water comes from different parts in different times and in the end the whole circle is closed. Then you are surrounded with this spraying water. I went there in the summertime with the kids, but now I just drank my coffee and had fun by watching the other people. There is a cute cafe called " Tuin Huis" just beside the fountain.

Some people are already talking about Christmas, but watching this indian summer and colourful flowers keeps me a long time protected from all that fever. The Colour of the day suits to Halloween, but that is really not my tradition. Maybe we will make some pumpkin soup, but otherwise no plans. So I just follow the orange in my own way.

Autumn is the most beautiful season to me. I like the feeling of change and how quick that process happens in nature. You have to be aware, otherwise you will miss it. This is the time to collect some energy for the dark season. I seem to be using every chance to go outside and breathe the earthy smelling air. 

The game is ready for the next players and I am ready for the weekend! I followed the orange and the orange followed me. I found some nice flowers to take home from the flower kiosk near us.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Walking around in Zwolle

Last week I was looking for a hotel room to have a nice weekend somewhere in Holland with my husband. There are so many beautiful, historical towns where to go. So in the end I found something from Zwolle. I did not know anything from this star-shaped old Hanseatic town, but it was worth to visit. The medieval centre of the town has big squares with many cafe's and restaurants and a lot of monumental architecture to admire. 

A star-shaped canal ring is surrounding the old centre. On sunday we just followed the waterline and had a healthy walk. Zwolle is a lively town to have a different aspect of Holland. It'a located in the north east of the country and it is the capital of the province  Overijssel. 

Zwolle is an easy town to walk around, you will get the picture of the centre fast. If you like to do shopping, there are many interesting looking small shops everywhere and also one bigger shopping street with all well-known chains. Food, wine, beer and coffee are not difficult to find. We enjoyed so much, because we did not have to try to find something. If you want to relax without following the map all the time..this is a place you are looking for.

We climbed up to over 600 hundred years old Saxon gate (Sassenpoort), which is the only one left from total sevent town gates. During the history this gate was used as customs and it was one of the seven spots where you could enter the town, which was surrounded with stone walls. Sassenpoort was also functioned as a prison for a while a long time ago.

Positive surprises are always welcome. This trip gave me some energy and the autumn time showed its best side in the sunny weather. Even the rugby game at the Irish bar with a pint of beer was entertaining. Something not so usual for me, but a good atmosphere with a good company! 

Friday, 23 October 2015

Hortus Botanicus

Autumn holiday is soon over, but the most relaxing and inspiring day  was today at the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam. I took so many pictures. It will be difficult to choose which ones I will add to this post.

De Hortus is located at Plantage Middenlaan, east side of the centre, near the zoo (Artis). It is one of the oldest botanic gardens in the world. There are several greenhouses where you can see plants from all over the world and sense different climate. 

There were so many plants that I stopped following the descriptions after a while. It was great to walk and breathe the air in every space and in the garden. The most beautiful room for me was where the big family of cactuses were living. A cool room after tropical heat. I loved the contrast of these spiky plants and the stony surroundings. 

We admired the small butterflies in one glasshouse. You could see many of them quite close and I captured a few of these with my camera. They looked so fragile and one butterfly was like made of the thinnest glass in the world. 

The shape of the garden area is like a triangle beside a canal. The sandy paths between the trees and plants are curvy. This is a big difference compared to the fact, that this cute and great spot of nature is surrounded with busy streets. If you want to take a break, this is a good tip.

This was just so amazing place. A perfect spot to meet a good friend, have a walk, talk, drink coffee and visit a charming museum shop. 

Because of the school holiday, it was possible to make your own piece of art from natural materials. I also read from their brochure, that in december de Hortus is taking part to Light Festival (10 dec 2015 - 3 jan 2016). This garden must be seen in every season. Have a good weekend!!