Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Collecting signs

I am curious, listening and watching. Shall I step to the other side and break the silence with my steps. 

Do I just jump over the fence, I do not have keys to this gate. No one can see me, I am alone. Only the small frogs hurrying away between the grass and the small bugs hiding me, the only giant in this field. Am I disturbing the daily peace here? Dear friends, I am just visiting and enjoying your green neighbourhood.

I am having a break in the shadows and looking at the house. What a nice location, surrounded by the old trees and this open view. I can see myself sitting in the garden and drinking my early morning coffee or late evening wine.

And what comes next?

The light is guiding me, showing me the details and I try to read the signs. Where should I be going? I do not know, but I relax and let my eyes and feet follow the writing of the wind, the shadows and the lonely leaves on the ground. I am composing this walk together with the elements I see, smell, feel and hear. Difficult to remember afterwards, where was I and what did I do? I took the photos for you and for remember! 

A new day and a new walk, where ever it is. We are here now!

Monday, 15 August 2016

Peaceful steps!

I am back to flatland after three weeks of walking and climbing the steps and living in a hilly landscape of Germany. I was following the roads, the paths and crossing the bridges by the river. My mind was free and the rainy summer had kept the view green, no brown shades of dryness. My rhythm got slower and I started to take smaller steps and had a closer look at every interesting detail I noticed. I was not connected to internet most of the time and the web world started to feel more and more distant. Like going back in time before all the entertainment and visual stimulation from the electric devices. 

I want to keep up with this slower phase and feel the inner peace like I did on my holiday. I am a bit shocked of the impulsivity and the fastness of the "reality", it hit on my face again. I guess keeping the distance on some level, not letting everything and everybody shake your balance and sneaky influence your mind is needed sometimes. And the importance of genuine friendliness, patience, respect and support is giving the strength and power to continue the path of my own.   

My favourite destination on my vacation was to walk to the local, very old monastery of Comburg in Schw√§bisch Hall. The way from the town to this historical place goes trough the long park beside the "Kocher' river. The monastery looks like a castle, build on top of the high hill. The statues beside the road when going up are like guardians, showing the way. The hill is very steep and full with trees, no entry via woods. I am following the road and love to keep on moving. 

I wanted to share this feeling of peace for my children too. The normal weeks during the school year are more filled with the hobbies and activities. One morning on our holiday I said "we are now walking to a special place and you will pack your lunch boxes in your backpacks and we will have a nice day together". First there was protest against this, but I kept my mind. I knew they would like this place. We had already done a one day bike trip over the other hills and I compared this task to this cycling achievement. It was supposed to be a good sport for the feet and for the mind, a summer day challenge. The idea was "sold" and after walking, in the inner yard of the monastery, we were quiet eating our snacks and listening to the silence. It was like a safe oasis and the experience of empty, happy minds sharing the moment. This sort of days are needed, cleaning the space in our heads and in our hearts. The tension and the rush is gone and going back to this sort of experiences in our memories, is a huge source energy and important to everyone and at every age.

I let my feet guide me to new adventures and let the every day life surprise me! Being back home is wonderful, like learning the same old things all over again and seeing the familiar environment like the first time with a fresh mind.