Monday, 21 March 2016

A mission "Clean air"

The quality of the air that we breath is an important issue. We spent a lot of time indoors and the air quality is often worse in our house than outside. This can make us feel more tired, dizzy or we might have more headaches, a sore throat, eye irritations and other health issues. NASA has made a Study to find out which plants are more effective filtering and "cleaning" the pollutants and toxic chemicals from the air.

The best air-cleaning plants according to NASA study can help us to improve the air quality remarkably. And those plants are just normal house plants, which many of us have even without knowing their secret capacity of cleaning the air. In the link above you can have a look which plants are the best for this job!

I have now three new plants in my bedroom to fresh up the air. The newest one had a walk at the park with me before landing on the table in my house. A crazy woman walking at the park and taking photo's of the green plant! A little bit fresh air for both of us and a nice journey for this beauty from the shop to my home.

I forgot to ask of the name of my new friend.

This subject is very actual now. I see a lot of plants in the flower shops advertised as "healthy air plants" or "green cleaning machines". There is so much power, old wisdom and green healing effect out there in our gardens, parks, forests and even in our living room. This capacity of Nature has to be protected, because it's also protecting us.

My two other cleaners: Rumohra adiantiformis on the left and Philodendron on the right.

We were this weekend at the beach of Castricum having a walk and a lunch. It felt so good to breathe the see air and feel the wind. It is still cool in the Netherlands, but the beach is always beautiful. 

Have a nice start for this week!

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