Thursday, 17 March 2016

Surrounded by class - City in progress

Unfortunately nothing very green to share today! Instead of that I will show you some architectural pictures from Amsterdam Zuid (Amsterdam South, Zuidas), which is a growing business and science area just beside the motorway A10 and the metro station Zuid. There are some banks, legal offices and big companies located. A lot of power and some great architecture to admire. Maybe they have to pay some more attention to green design and making the surroundings a bit more friendly for the workers and the visitors. A lot of reflecting class and stone. There are many cafes and places to have lunch for working people and some pop-up visitors like me! The only way is up, it seems to be the idea. If you like modern architecture, this area is the place to visit! Amsterdam is well known of it's old City Centre with the canals and old patchwork of houses, but the dutch architects are still working hard and creating a lot of interesting contrasts and the vision of future is looking strong.

Typically dutch: cycling to work!

There was two funny surprises that I noticed when walking around the  area. Beside a big building project and near the motorway was a quite big fenced area dedicated for a family of pigs: Family Bofkont. These pigs were bought free from the meat Bio-industry and they can live here free until they die. What a contrast again to this modern environment. I did not see the pigs, they were hiding in the woods.

And the second nice surprise was near the VUMC-hospital. There was a green area beside the football field and it is called "Boeletuin" where you can have lunch in the green garden. Have to go and look that in the summertime. Some creative and soft ideas living between these big houses. This is what inspires me a lot: many different ideas living side by side. You never know what you see behind the next corner. 

The Sun was shining today and the spring is here! I saw more smiles and relaxed people today than in the whole winter. We need this kick again. Next post will be totally green, I promise!

Soon some green leaves...

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