Thursday, 2 January 2020

A day before the new decade - Family time in Volendam

It was such a beautiful clear day yesterday and the misty next morning felt too grey after that. The first day of the year was a bit emotional. After a great last day of the previous year and a lot of family time during the christmas holiday, stepping to the new starting point felt like starting the same circle again. It made us think: did we learn from the experiences last year, did we grow as human beings and partners and did we enjoy enough our precious time together? My answer is yes and no. 

How to make the most of it and how to learn to give the good support and energy - how to let in the love there is - how to see the good intentions and efforts more clearly? Breaking the wrong circles and creating some new paths. It is so challenging to try to understand what is happening in my own mind and inside the minds of the other important persons in your life. I want to appreciate every day from now on and be kind in my thoughts and actions when the hard day hits every now and then.

I often search for the harmony and beauty to calm my mind and reload my batteries. The habits and routines of everyday life are our guiding lines, but stepping over one line can open the horizons and make us proud of having the courage and the curiosity to learn something new. There has to be time for the balance and for the side steps.

 After a grumpy first day with one of those habitual misunderstandings, this first evening of the year is showing compassion, understanding and flexibility. Communication is the key for connecting and learning from each other. Watching all these pictures from a sunny walk in Volendam is pointing out how important it is to have time for each other and be outside. I am thankful of these moments!

It was wonderful to see the water views in Volendam and admire the old architecture near the harbor. This small town about 20 kilometers north from Amsterdam is the best well known fishing town in the Netherlands. It is also a touristic place, but we chose a perfect day for our visit. Often people have other plans in the last day of the year than looking for sights and eating fish n waffles!

Too much choice!!

Delicious waffles near the harbor. 

The New Years Eve was a marathon of Monopoly. Four hours we were competing agains each other and in the end there was no official winner. The midnight and the fireworks were mixing our concentration and we left the game on the table. Next morning no one didn't want to finish the battle. The material was packed in and stored in a closet. 

I guess we do the same now with the memories from the last year. We have the experiences packed in our mind and with some suitable new keys we can always find them and use them for learning, reflecting, comforting and bringing us joy.

I am positive, so much potential we all have. I want to think out of the box and have a good year. Wishing you the same! 

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