Friday, 5 February 2016

Walk, flowers and coffee

Luckily flowers are available at almost every street corner in Amsterdam. I have been making some changes at home. Buying some flowers  inspires me to be more organised and make all the corners look nice.

I decided to walk to a little flower kiosk near Kinkerstraat, because one of my favourite places for a coffee, "Cafe Edel" is there too. I needed badly some coffee and something green to bring back home.

There is so much variation to collect and the decision is hard to make...what to take? It is also not expensive to buy fresh flowers in Netherlands. This is really a country of flowers, the world's leading supplier of flowers, plants and trees.

I like Cafe Edel, because it is just beside the canal and located in a beautiful old school house with high rooms and big windows. The interior is interesting with lot of creative details, like this light made of recycled glass. In a warm weather it is great to have a drink or a bite outside by the water and watch the boats. All the furniture is second hand inside the cafe. The atmosphere is a little bit bohemic, but everything is well organised and cool. 

Almost a year ago it was warm enough to drink a coffee outside. Looking forward to see some sunny days!

Let's see what colour the flower's will be, forgot to ask. It will be a nice surprise! I'm writing this in early morning. It is still dark, but I hear some birds singing. Slowly it starts to feel like the spring will be coming. Have a Good day or a good night...when ever or where ever you read this! 

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