Thursday, 6 October 2016

Deeper to the fall

Reflections from the water, vibrating light on the plants. The pulse of the movement, the sounds and the living light - the Autumn show with those long, extended shadows. The filter of the light changing day by day. First with happy, bright colors of leaves and later the winter clouds are the main filters in the more open landscapes.

The daily walks under the big trees at the park have been my best companion and the source of calmness during the last two weeks. By this I do not want to make the importance of the family and the good friends any less. Sometimes and often it is anyway so, that you have to find the peace from yourself to be able the enjoy the company of others. And when I write about these important moments, I am sharing the experience again with myself and the people who are reading this. With this process I am getting once more this good feeling from that day when I took the pictures and had those countless steps. 

Sitting on my power bench by the water with the coffee and watching the autumn flies having fun like little aeroplanes just above the green grass. I see myself as a child watching down, thinking that the spiky grass is a forest and the sandy spots between are part of that landscape - where I made my roads for my toy cars and build houses for my fantasy characters. These thoughts are coming, making me smile, giving the peace and reloading my power. Reminding how I could enjoy those visions and still can. "You can, you have never lost that skill and never in the end lost who you are." Wonderful!

Coffee in the sun @ power bench
In the end there will be the more moist, grey, foggy days when the silence is packing the landscape for the resting period of Winter.

The fallen leaves, now very individual and visible on the green grass. The first lucky ones, not covered by the masses of other leaves. Enjoying the sun, like me on my power bench on one morning !

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