Sunday, 7 July 2019

“This is ours” - greetings from the planet Oosterend

This was our third summer in Oerol Festival on the island of Terschelling. This time I enjoyed the most this one particular day at the beach of Oosterend. The longest day of the year at the beach: the 21st of June. A midsummer journey on the sand and a kilometeres long walk to Heartbreak Hotel (a 50's style beach restaurant) for a dinner. Almost no other people on the beach. The world was in our arms, hugging us and we loved playing with the sand and watching to the horizon. 

During the other days we saw a few nice Theater plays and intimate monologues about the memories, how our personal histories are shaping us. One evening going back as far as the Ilias and Odyssey by watching a modern historical drama, played on top and down the high dunes. Watching that was like being part of the war scene...and witnessing some personal dramas. The nature and the theatre together are bringing the stories to the next level. A four days full of new perspectives. I could give you more details, but I feel like just showing you some pictures from the beach. These memories!

This is ours - the end 

a video from the Oosterend beach
( from youtube)


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