Monday, 27 June 2016

Countryside Dreams

My sunday was active in a very relaxing way. We were at the countryside of the East Holland and spent as much time outdoors as it was possible in the constantly changing weather conditions. For example our barbecue had to be cancelled, because of a thunderstorm and hill stones. After the loudly echoing sky Theatre the Sun was shining again and the Nature looked so fresh.

I borrowed the old, nostalgic "Gazelle" (what a lovely name) bike from the Carage and went for a nice cycling Tour. I was inspired of the green and surreal, peaceful living panorama that I had seen in my morning jog already. So this was a very sporty day for me. My intention was to take a lot of Photos, but after a one round in the peace of the silent country roads, the rain surprised me again and I cycled back, chased by the raindrops.

The Dutch people are cycling a lot. It is wonderful to make bike trips at the Countryside. There are many Bed and Breakfasts, Camping places or small Hotels in small Towns. The big Trees are growing beside the roads and you find nice shadowy spots even in the hot Summer days. I saw some big groups of people making a Tour with their sport bikes and outfits. Passing me and my old lady Gazelle with high speed ! It is really a National sport here and the flat landscape makes it easier to make bike tours also with the kids. 

Driving the old bike, which was still in an excellent condition, I suddenly felt a moment of timeless beauty. I felt like this could be any time, any decade...and the stories of these country views started to pop in my mind. Like I was being a part of the story in some book and seeing the scenes and doing my cycling round in the past. It was a wonderful moment! I had a vision of me having a picnic blanket, a bottle of wine, a book and something to eat with me. Finding a spot from the fields and enjoying the summer and watching at the sky. Next time I will definitely do this, now I would have got wet anyway! 

The contrast of the Countryside compared to Amsterdam was something I really needed. I did not realise that before going there, but after two days I noticed being away was like being in a paradise, giving me some inner peace and inspiration. 

Surrounded by the grass, the fields, the old trees and smelling the farms or the sweet perfume of the flowers. I did not need anything, I was part of everything and there was no pressure of the time passing, the symbols of time lost their meaning. The right time and the right moment was just there, like I had been there forever and still was...I still am.  


  1. Tervehdys Erja, olipa kaunis kertomus matkastasi maalle!Oli ilmeisesti jotain mitä tarvitsit,maaseudun rauhaa ja hiljaisuutta,vahinko vain että sää oli niin sateinen,mutta taisit nauttia siitä ateesta huolimatta.On ilo lukea sinun kertomuksiasi,kiitos paljon, toivotan sinulle oikein mukavaa päivää :-))))

  2. Kiitos oikein kovasti Markku! :-)) Nautin joka tapauksessa ja itse asiassa sadekin on Kaunista. Luonnonvoimille ei voi mitaan, joten oikealla asenteella ja pukeutumisella luonnonrauhasta voi iloita aina! Mukavaa iltaa sinulle!!

  3. Kiitos, luen tätä vasta aamulla,olet oikeassa, luonnonvoimille ei voi mitään,on vain nautittava kaikesta,voi hyvin Erja :-)))

  4. Kiitos Markku:-))) ja hyvää vointia sinulle myös. Hassua on niin oudot ilmat tänä kesänä, että välillä menee aivan kevät, kesä ja syksy sekaisin! Aivan kuin kolme vuodenaikaa olisi sekoittunut yhdeksi. Luonnonvoimia!