Thursday, 2 June 2016

Walking in the East Side

I was lucky to have a wonderful day off just for myself on this Tuesday. I have been living soon 2 years in Amsterdam and there is so many places that I have not had time to visit. Luckily I will be staying here a long time, no end to be seen yet:-), and can take my time and do spontaneous walks whenever it is possible. I just love to go to this adventure modus and be surprised of what I will see outside in the Streets, Parks, Museums, Art exhibitions, Cafes or in normal daily situations. The vision of the moment I witness in my own eyes gives me the strength and focus to the day and I feel connected to the presence!I want to stay open to the life and for the opportunities which are there for us every day. I prefer opening the door, taking the steps and see what is out there!

I took the tram number 7 from the Centre and went for a walk in just renovated Oosterpark in the east side of town. I had also in my mind the Nature photo exhibition in the botanical Gardens (Hortus Botanics), which I wanted to see. These both attractions are about the same area in town, near The Zoo called Artis. You can easily spent your whole day in this area, because there are many museums, restaurants and other attractions nearby. A good part of town to visit also with the kids. 

Stop 1: Oosterpark

Oosterpark has been lately renovated for the new glory. It is an old, english styling park designed in the end of 18th century. The neighbourhoods around the park has traditionally been diverse, populated with many immigrants. Everything is changing in Amsterdam at the moment, there is so much building projects and lifting up the forgotten corners of the town. It is expensive to live inside the motorway ring and many people have to find cheaper options for housing. It is nice that the image and reputation of many areas is getting better, but soon the normal working people can't afford to live in the City. 

The sunny Oosterpark charmed me very well on my walk! The landscape is curvy and full of interesting corners and works of art to admire. I also found the small, modern playground very appealing. I went there with my camera and captured the shadows and the lines, walking up to the slide and enjoying the views from the perspective of a small child. 

Stop 2: passing Artis Magistra

I passed the old building of the famous Zoo "Artis" when walking towards the Botanic garden. The Zoo itself is like a huge, green park area where you can have a nice walk or have a picnic. Many families go there to spent their time and it is not just watching the animals. I personally like a lot this old building in picture under. It is a home for many fishes and sea animals. I will go there one day soon and show you the beauty of this old architecture and also show you the rest of the Zoo!

Stop 3: Hortus Botanicus

I started to get hungry on my walk and had a picture of me having a lunch in the shadows of Botanic garden. There is a nice terrace and restaurant surrounded by green. I first bought me a year ticket, so I am free always to go to Hortus Botanics and have a peaceful walk. Inside the fences of this garden I totally forget I am living in the City. It is a peaceful place to sit, read a book, take photos and collect some energy. 

The photo Exhibition " International Garden photographer of the year" is to be seen until the 19th of September. I will tell you more about it in other blog text. This picture below taken in Florida by Paul Marcellini got the 2nd price in the category of "Trees, woods and forests". The result includes 3 different photos processed together, so it is not totally realistic type of nature photography. Mystical result anyway!

I had fun on tuesday and I wish you a nice weekend, exploring the outside world!!


  1. Kiitos tästä aivan ihastutavasta tarinasta,kirjoitat niin hyvin, oli ilo kulkea kanssasi, nähdä nuo paikat sinun silmin,kauniiden kuviesi kautta, oikein mukavaa päivää sinulle :-)

    1. Mahtavaa:-)), kiitos paljon Markku! Mukavaa on jakaa tätä kaikkea kaunista mitä näen kävelyilläni!! Sinulle myös, oikein mukavaa päivää!!

  2. Thank you Erja for another wonderful installment in your fascinating blog, and life! I really enjoyed seeing and hearing about all of your stops this Tuesday, and am glad that you enjoyed! And buying the annual membership ticket, you can visit the Botanic garden whenever you choose, and can stay as long as you like, or as short as you like, and at all times of the year. I so enjoyed this installment, and always look forward to see where you take us next! :-) Thank you my friend!!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Jeff :-))! And yes, the Botanical garden will be my second living room this season. If someones sees a lady with a camera on one right hand and a summer cocktail on the other hand, it might be me :-))! Have a great day my friend!!