Sunday, 8 November 2015

Green mix for sunday!

I think it is important to collect all possible green and colourful energy from the nature to survive the long winter. It is like all saved memories can feed the the impulse to keep on going, because the green season will come back.

As the living trees and the pieces of human made art which are located in the nature, it is good for us to feel the power of seasons. I love the wind and rain as much as the sun or bright, cold winter days with snow. The best therapy to lift your mood is just make the effort to go outside and interact with the environment. By moving the body and using all our senses that way without any specific task or goal, we collect our whole body and mind together. 

Walking and taking photos is a big part of loading my personal batteries. I am like a squirrel collecting the food for the winter storage. I can always look again at my pictures and have a little energy boost in the darkest times of the year. It is like breathing the green by just seeing something familiar and giving the brain the impulse to activate the feel good modus.

Today I took some pictures with my smartphone in Rembrandt park while my daughter was having a horse riding lesson. I fell in love with these almost empty branches of trees by the water. It is good to see the lines and forms which are normally hidden by the leaves in the summertime. What an effort to grow during the years and seasons to look like this. Wise and strong trees.

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